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Added the ability to MVnc pen can write applications to the desktop.
The remote presentation software and the remote mouse for Android.
The remote control on the same WiFi network
The mouse will work with the accelerometer.

• Left and tilt, move the cursor to the left
• Right to tilt and move the cursor to the right
What direction any way you want. Of course, clicking and dragging, you can also drag release.

Moreover, to be able to write directly on the display screen on the desktop "ePenMode" The function buttons, line with ON / OFF in red pen.

Important: To use, run on a PC "kVncReceiver" (free) is required.

- - Preparations for use
1, Java programs running on your computer "kVncReceiver" (free) to download, please start.

  Common Mac or Linux or Windows (OK recent environment if the Java program run! ※ 1)
  Downloads (※ 2) Ver1.0.0
 Latest edition

※ 1: If you do not have the latest version of Java, we recommend that you install the latest version http://www.java.com/.
※ 2: kVncReceiver is usually because the jar file created by the Java program to start any OS environment if Java.
The cause of the OS file associations rarely, may not work.

Important: kVncReceiver program do to receive the data.

2, ePVnc (Android Application) Please install the.
    Get in ※ Android Market

3, after starting the ePVnc, please click on the Setting button in the lower right.

4, the setup screen, "IP Address", "Screensize", "Speed" will be changed.

Important: If you do not work correctly enter the IP address of the computer.

First, OK IP address only! Is.
When using, please adjust the Speed ​​and Screensize.

  5, Wi-smart side to ON Fi, and connect it to the same computer network.
The PC in LAN cable or
, OK !

If you think you can use immediately in more than a typical PC environment.

[How to use]
1 Once you have the preparation, as soon as you start to manipulate the mouse ePVnc.
NOTE: Starting with the PC kVncReceiver

1, after start-up, according to the environment, please choose a presentation software to use.

2 Start at presentation software.
※ 1,2 unordered

3, PLAY, ESC, ↑, ↓, ←,
and then press the button on the remote control .

4 eMVnc tab and click the button, the screen can be operated with a mouse.

5, various smart devices, tilt, please try to confirm the move cursor.
      ※Use the accelerometer.
6, you get used to the move, click, drag, please try the drag release button.

7, Where are familiar with the mouse, press the toggle button at the bottom center of the screen   ePenMode become writable mode.
8, Write start pressing  button in the Drag & Writing ePenMode
9, Writing stop the [Release] button is pressed
10, You can repeatedly start and stop the write.
11, When conclude, again, the transition to the normal mode by pressing the toggle button at the bottom center of the screen ePenMode.

It has been accessible on the same network.
The correct IP address of the PC to work on the smartphone ·.
That supports the accelerometer • The smartphone.

[Specific examples of how to use ]
Wireless router and laptop computers small (※ 1) and USB-powered, and
Build the same network by connecting a PC to the router and WiFi smartphone.
And we can do a presentation in that state.
※ 1: LAN router / access point / FFP Converter 300Mbps High Power Wireless palm size PLANEX-PKR01